Zambia’s 60th Independence Anniversary Offers

This year Zambia celebrates 60 years of independence and there’s no better way to celebrate this event than by exploring the country’s unparalleled natural beauty and rich wildlife. To mark this milestone there are some fabulous special offers which promise unforgettable experiences at amazing value. Here we look into the details of this unique opportunity and discover why Zambia is a must-visit destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Zambia 60 independence Anniversary - offers
Elephants in front of Nsefu Camp, Robin Pope Safaris

Robin Pope Safaris – A Legacy of Excellence

Robin Pope Safaris has been a pioneer in African safaris for over three decades, offering exceptional experiences across Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Known for their intimate camps, expert guides, and commitment to sustainable tourism, Robin Pope Safaris provides an immersive and authentic safari experience. This special offer for Zambia’s 60th Independence Anniversary is a testament to their dedication to celebrating the rich heritage and natural wonders of Zambia.

Zambia's 60th Independence Anniversary - offers
Walking Safari with Robin Pope Safaris

The Offer

For travel in July and September 2024 only you receive an additional 10% discount off their nightly rate at some of their camps in the South Luangwa National Park; Nkwali, Luangwa River Camp, Nsefu and Tena Tena. This is in addition to their generous discounted rates offered when you spend 7 or 10 more nights in their camps.

Zambia's 60th Independence Anniversary - offers
Swimming pool at Nkwali Camp, Robin Pope Safaris

Gavin Opie Safaris – A commitment to excellence

Gavin Opie Safaris is renowned for providing exceptional safari experiences in Zambia, focusing on personalized service, expert guiding, and sustainable tourism. With a deep respect for nature and local communities, Gavin Opie Safaris ensures that each trip is both unforgettable and responsible. Their camp, Nkonzi, combines pair-backed luxury, adventure, memorable wildlife encounters and cultural immersion in the South Luangwa National Park.

Zambia's 60th Independence Anniversary - offers
Leopard at sunset with Gavin Opie Safaris

The offer

To celebrate Zambia’s 60th year of independence, Gavin Opie Safaris have set their rates for stays in October at 60% of their usual rate, representing an incredible 40% discount.

Destinations to Explore

Zambia has a number of excellent national parks and combining time in two of more of these is a rewarding experience, offering diverse wildlife, activities, scenery and style of accommodation. The national parks which are considered to be the prime parks in the country are the South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Kafue National Parks.

Zambia's 60th Independence Anniversary - offers
Authentic safari tent with Gavin Opie Safaris

1. South Luangwa National Park:

Known as the birthplace of the walking safari, South Luangwa is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Often nicknamed ‘the valley of the leopards’, this beautiful national park is one of the best areas in Africa for high concentrations of wildlife, though it remains still relatively unknown.  The Luangwa River, one of the largest rivers in Africa not to have any interference by man anywhere along it, is the lifeblood of the park.  Approximately 50 hippo per kilometre, one of the highest densities in Africa, make this river, which winds its way through the valley, their home. The river provides an essential source of water to the wildlife, particularly in the drier months when the lagoons and waterholes have dried up. 

Expert guides lead the safaris which include day and night game drives and walking safaris, in addition to cultural engagement opportunities. You can expect to see plenty of elephant, lion, buffalo, crocodiles, hyena, the endemic giraffe and zebra, and plenty more besides.  Spectacular birdlife, including the beautiful carmine bee-eaters from late August onwards, can also be enjoyed here with over 400 bird species recorded.

Photo6CarnivoreWeek - Ganders Travel
Lions drinking in the South Luangwa National Park, Robin Pope Safaris

2. Lower Zambezi National Park:

Nestled along the mighty Zambezi River, this park is renowned for its spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife. Guests can enjoy canoeing, fishing, and day and night game drives, with a chance to see elephants, buffalo, lions, and a myriad of birdlife. The water-based activities are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the park from a different perspective.

Downstream from the Victoria Falls and the Kariba Dam, the water levels remain near constant throughout the year, leaving the wildlife to graze the fertile plains of the park.  It is framed by an escarpment on one side and Mana Pools in Zimbabwe on the other, with elephant often seen swimming to the reed islands in the middle of the river.  Expect to see large herds of elephant, plentiful predators, including lion, wild dog, leopard and hyena, beautiful plains species and amazing bird life. 

Chiawa floating lunch 1 - Ganders Travel
Floating lunch in the Lower Zambezi, Chiawa Camp

3. Kafue National Park

Zambia’s oldest and largest national park, Kafue is often overlooked when people consider Zambia. Covering approx. 22,400 square kilometres, it is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The park is renowned for its rich biodiversity, featuring an impressive array of habitats ranging from the lush riverine forests and floodplains of the Kafue River to the expansive Busanga Plains. A stay in Kafue affords the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, lions, leopard and an astonishing number of different antelope species – the largest in Africa.

This is a great place to spend time for wonderful wildlife viewing with few other people and a truly remote feel.  Birdwatchers will be delighted by the over 500 species of birds recorded in the park. With its pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife, Kafue National Park is a quintessential Zambian safari destination that promises unforgettable experiences and a deep connection to nature.

2023 07 ntemwa busanga plains kafue classic zambia by marion payr 189 - Ganders Travel
Male lion on Busanga Plains, Ntemwa Busanga Camp

Additional offers

A number of the safari camps have excellent offers and it would be well-worth considering combining time in at least two national parks to get a sense of the variety and diversity within this country. There are a number of offers available and therefore a stay combining one of the special 60th Anniversary of Independence and a different national park, offers excellent value.


Whether it’s your first safari or a return visit to Zambia, these special offers provide an incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Zambia at an exceptional value.

Please do get in touch to discuss any of these offers for Zambia, or for any other plans for a holiday to Africa or the Indian Ocean. Lucinda will be delighted to help.