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Characterised by huge open spaces and unique wildlife this extraordinarily beautiful country will delight anyone seeking an unforgettable African experience.

With vast deserts, salt pans, rugged mountains, canyons, and lush plateaus Namibia is full of startling contrasts.  The Namib Desert is one of the oldest in the world and the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei are emblematic of the area.  Scaling one at sunrise or soaring above in a hot air balloon is a life long memory.

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The red dunes of the south give way to the mountainous terrain of Damaraland. Brown hyena and desert adapted rhino and elephant make this seemingly inhospitable area their home, relying on seasonal rivers for their survival. It’s also where ‘the organ pipes’ and ‘burnt mountain’, two of Namibia’s unique geological features are found.     

Inland, Etosha National Park is an extraordinarily large salt pan which sustains masses of life.  Wildlife viewing during the dry season is particularly good with rhino, elephant, lion, and giraffe congregating around the water holes. 

The desolate Skeleton Coast has yet more sand dunes, this time yellow, stretching as far as the eye can see.  From the air, you are rewarded with wonderful sightings of seal colonies, flamingos and the sheer vastness opening up below. Drive through and the landscape is surprisingly varied with ephemeral rivers providing vegetation and water to the wildlife and people who make this area their home. 

The light in Namibia is a photographer’s dream with the spectacular landscapes offering an endless canvas.  It’s a good destination for the adventurous to take a self-drive holiday and if time is short, flying between luxury lodges gives a great chance to see all the highlights.  

With limited rainfall Namibia is a year round destination. The hotter months coincide with our winter months and it is now that any rain may fall. When it does, the desert blooms into a beautiful carpet of flowers and grasses.  Namibia combines well with South Africa, Botswana, Victoria Falls and Mozambique.  


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