Primate Safaris

Primate safaris - Ganders Travel

There are several different primate species spread throughout Africa, with the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda among the most impressive.  Coming face to face with one of these magnificent creatures, in its own habitat, is an extraordinarily humbling experience.  Exhilarating and awe-inspiring your memories will last a lifetime. As there are limited numbers of tracking permits available each day we recommend you book early if a gorilla tracking safari is on your bucket list. 

Chimpanzees, found in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, are every bit as interesting as their larger cousins. You might find them grooming one another on the forest floor or catch a glimpse of them travelling at speed through the canopy.  

Baboons and vervet monkeys can provide entertaining primate encounters and other specialist species like colobus, golden and L’Hoest’s monkeys can be seen in East Africa. 


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