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This stunning and surprisingly varied country is renowned for abundant wildlife, desert to delta landscapes, unique travel experiences and relatively low visitor numbers. 

Botswana offers an intimate and exclusive safari experience.  Vast areas are managed as private concessions and with a just handful of camps on each, visitors can enjoy the wilderness uninterrupted by other safari vehicles.  Activities beyond the vehicle, including boat trips, mokoro (canoe) safaris, walking safaris, riding safaris, quad biking, fly camping or even meeting habituated meerkats provide ample choice for a wonderfully varied safari.

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Accommodation in Botswana is as diverse as the landscape.  From lightweight camps sleeping under the African sky to luxurious lodges with private pools and acres of space, there is something for everyone. Combining different camp styles during a safari adds to the overall enjoyment of a holiday here.

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Wildlife, as you would expect, is exceptional.  Predators are well-represented with lovely prides of lion, cheetah, hyena, leopard and wild dog making this their home.  Large herds of elephant, troops of baboons, dazzling zebra and majestic giraffe grace the landscape.  Not to mention the myriad plains species and desert adapted wildlife, such as brown hyena and meerkats. 

With such a range of habitats, including the Okavango Delta wetlands, birdlife is particularly good.  Over 600 species have been recorded, with plenty of raptors and water birds represented.  The call of the fish eagle, a sound so evocative of Africa, is never far away. 

Counter-intuitively, the dry winter months (May to September) coincide with high waters of the Okavango Delta, whilst the wetter summer months (November to April) bring lush vegetation, newborn animals and migratory birds.  As each season brings with it a new spectacle, Botswana can be visited year round.

A holiday to Botswana can easily be combined with time at the Victoria Falls, exploring the delights of Cape Town or relaxing on the white sands of the Indian Ocean. 


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