Wildebeest Migration

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To see the vast herds of wildebeest migrating across the plains of East Africa must be on every wildlife enthusiasts’ wish list.  The herds are constantly moving through the Serengeti (Tanzania) and Masai Mara (Kenya) in search of fresh grass.  As a result the migration can be seen throughout the year but it is quite different depending where and when you go.  

Between mid-July and the end of October the herds of wildebeest, as well as the zebra and topi which move with them, are in the northern Serengeti and Masai Mara, crossing between them, sometimes multiple times during the season.  This is the time to see the famous Mara River crossings. It is high adrenaline; waiting to see whether a herd will cross, and then if they do, willing them to avoid the crocodiles lying in wait.  It is the cycle of life in all its raw intensity.

The other prime time to see the migration is mid-December to the end of March when the herds are grazing on the Serengeti’s nutritious southern plains.   During these months they are calving with thousands born in a very short amount of time. The numbers offer some protection from predators but lion and hyena, in particular, are very active.  

During other months of the year the herds are moving through the Serengeti and tend not to be in the same place for very long, so can be more difficult to see.  

Of the different styles of camp to choose when visiting the migration, some move with the herds and are simple in style, while others offer all the elements of supreme luxury that you could wish for.  We can guide you through the options whatever your preferred time of travel and style of camp.


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