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Despite its small size, the ‘land of a thousand hills ’enjoys a remarkable blend of natural beauty and distinctive wildlife, alongside an inspiring story of resilience and progress. 

Rwanda is a primate lovers’ paradise, with perhaps the best known being the mountain gorillas; seeing these magnificent animals at close quarters is a real privilege and is very often the highlight of a trip to this pretty country. Other primate species include golden monkeys, chimpanzees, blue monkeys and L’Hoests monkeys.  

Away from primates, the savanna landscapes and burgeoning wildlife make Akagera National Park well worth an excursion. Here you can see traditional safari wildlife species such as lion, rhino, zebra and elephant along with plenty of plains game.  Birdwatching throughout the country is extraordinarily good with rivers, lakes, lush rainforests and open savannas providing habitat for an incredible diversity of species. 

There’s plenty to do in Rwanda, from tracking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees to day and night game drives, boat trips and a truly amazing walkway through the canopy of Nyungwe Forest. As a small country it is relatively easy to get between areas with a guide and vehicle which allows the opportunity to appreciate the ever changing landscape.  If you have the chance to take to the skies then a helicopter flight gives a beautiful bird’s eye view and reveals even more of the wonderous beauty.   

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Accommodation varies from classic tented camps to highly luxurious boutique properties.  Guiding and service is fabulous and you are always welcomed with a ready smile.  

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Rwanda is a year round destination.  The tropical climate, due to its proximity to the equator, means there is always a chance of some rain. Most rainfall tends to arrive in April and May although there is a heightened chance in November as well.    

Rwanda combines well with Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or the Indian Ocean.


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