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Known as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, this scenic gem of a country is ideal for off-the-beaten-path experiences.  Small and surprisingly diverse, its superb national parks offer increasingly good wildlife viewing – the result of many years of conservation work and increased protection.  Likely wildlife sightings include rhino, lion, leopard and plains game such as giraffe and zebra. 

Majete National Park to the south is characterised by the Shire River which runs through a diverse landscape and hosts a good amount of wildlife.  Liwonde National Park’s lushness makes a striking contrast and it’s a great spot to take a boat trip as part of the wildlife viewing experience.  Huge herds of elephant march across the plains and predators are ever present. 

Bird life is particularly rich in Malawi with water birds, bee-eaters and raptors a common sight.   Away from wildlife viewing, taking time to climb Mt Mulanje, visiting the tea plantations or Nyika Plateau all add to the variety of a Malawi safari.  

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The clear blue waters and sandy beaches of Lake Malawi provide endless beautiful places relax post safari.  The lake has some of the best freshwater diving in the world with over 1,000 species of cichlid fish, some 350 of which are endemic to the lake.  

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Accommodation ranges from beautiful lodges on the shores of Lake Malawi to elegant, tented camps in the prime national parks.  There are good family accommodation options with family rooms at many camps and several lovely exclusive-use private houses. 

Malawi is at its best between April and October when you can expect dry, warm days with the temperatures increasing as you go through the months.  The wetter months, November to March, offer wonderful migratory bird sightings.   

A stay in Malawi can easily be combined with time on safari in Zambia, or perhaps seeing the Victoria Falls.


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