Zanzibar Archipelago

Beach Paje beach - Ganders Travel

An easy hop from East Africa, this culturally rich archipelago with it’s combination of pretty beaches, excellent marine life, cultural heritage, and opportunities for adventure and relaxation is a versatile destination with a broad appeal.  

The main island, Unguja, is a heady mix of beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, aromatic spice farms, fascinating culture and history.  Stone Town is an old trading centre complete with labyrinthine alleyways. The architecture reflects the influences of African, Indian, Arabian and European cultures. 

Away from the city there are numerous excellent hotels and resorts to choose from, whether you prefer a small boutique hotel or a large resort, there are a number of great examples of each.  The east coast of the island features the long white sandy beaches so archetypal of the Indian Ocean.

The outlying islands, such as Mafia and Pemba, are less developed than Unguja and offer an off-the-beaten-track feel.  Pemba is the world’s main exporter of cloves, and is often referred to as ‘Clove Island’ as a result.  Mafia Island lies within a marine park and snorkelling and diving amid the plentiful marine life is a wonderful experience.  

Overall, Zanzibar is a great addition to a safari or a holiday destination in its own right. Expect warm temperatures throughout the year although April, May and November can be wet. 


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