Kenya’s new eTA System for All Travellers

Kenya recently announced that they were going to be a visa free country and have instigated a new Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) for all travellers. This new system is similar in principal to the US ESTA system and there is no longer a requirement to apply for a visa. However, all travellers, (unless exempt) and including children, need to have an eTA prior to travel.

Please be aware, that if you booked your holiday with Ganders Travel and you are due to be met on arrival (which is likely – please do check with us), then your eTA application, including the cost, has been included already. We will need copies of some documents and will be in touch with you directly.

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There are a few key things to bear in mind regarding how and when to travel, which are explained below.

  • You do not need an eTA if you are a Kenyan passport holder, hold a Kenya permanent Residence or valid work permit or pass (there are others who are exempt – please check if you are unsure. The majority of visitors will require an eTA).
  • You must apply by going to – please ensure you are using this website only (there are very similar websites which are not the official government website).
  • The cost has been set at $32.50 per person for the standard processing time. There is also a $1.59 bank processing fee, so the total will show as $34.09.

    NB – based on your travel date a Premium Service may be offered which will offer a faster processing time. There will be an extra fee for this.
  • We recommend applying at least two weeks prior to departure, and preferably earlier (though not earlier than three months prior). The standard processing time is three working days from the time of the application.
  • There are two types of application that are possible;
    o Individual. Use this one if you are travelling alone
    o Group. For all those traveling with others (from 2 people up to 9 in a group);
     You must all have the same country of residence
     Your purpose for visiting Kenya must be the same
     Your travel details (flights, dates, accommodation) must be the same for the entire trip
    NB – if you are travelling with more than 9 people you will need to apply as 2 or more groups.
    NB – if any of the details vary for the group you will either need to apply individually, or groups for those who have identical itineraries / country of residence and reason for visiting Kenya.

  • An eTA is valid for three months from the date of issue and will allow a maximum stay of three months
  • An eTA allows for one single entry into Kenya – unless visiting another, neighbouring, East African country. So if you are combining your trip to Kenya with time in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania or Zanzibar, amongst others in East Africa, you can use the same eTA for re-entry into Kenya.
  • If you are transiting in Kenya and will not be leaving the airport terminal in Kenya you do not require an eTA.
  • If arriving from a yellow fever endemic country you may be required to upload a copy of your yellow fever certificate during the process.
  • You cannot apply for your eTA until your trip has been fully confirmed and booked as you will need to upload your itinerary and flight details as part of the application process.

This new system went live in January 2024. Anyone who already has a Kenyan Visa for an upcoming trip will not need to apply for an eTA as well.

If you have any questions, or are interested in a planning a holiday to Kenya, get in touch with Lucinda to discuss your wishes. We would be delighted to help.

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